Imata Food Trade

About Us:

Imata Food Trade is one the group companies under Al Nasr Star Group for food trade business.

We are the exclusive supplier of product of companies like DR. GUSTO & TUNAM GIA from Turkey, MR. WAFFLE from Belgium, KARDASIS from Greece and LAMIS DETERGENT CO from Jordan.

  •   Edible Colours
  •   Food Additives
  •   Sprinkles & Dragees
  •   Flavors
  •   DIY Hobby Products

  •   Sugar Dough
  •   Whipped Cream &
         Patiser Cream
  •   Toping Sauce
  •   Bread Mix
  •   Jelly
  •   Chocolates
  •   Cake Mix

  •    Sugar Paper
  •   Sugar Paste Fondant
  •   Decoration
  •   Sugar Decoration

  •   Caramel Waffle
  •   Cokies Bombs
  •   Cookies Chips

  •   Dish Wash Liquid
  •   Floor Wash Liquid
  •   Detergent
  •   Glass Cleaner

Providing quality,safe and comprehensive services in qatar.

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